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Vandemoortele is a leading European food group that manufactures and sells high-quality food products through two business lines: one in frozen bakery products and one in margarines, culinary oils and fats.

Today, Vandemoortele produces over 3,000 product items from 33 factories over Europe. Thay employ a highly skilled workforce of 5000 people across 12 European countries and realises a turnover of more than 1.3 billion euros.

Vandemoortele develops, produces and distributes frozen bakery products and margarines and fats. These are delivered as ingredients and semi-finished products to professional users, and as finished products to consumers. Vandemoortele consumer products are sold primarily under private labels by retailers. Yet, Vandemoortele also markets them under their own brands. 
At Vandemoortele, it is believed that customers are part of the group. An open and innovative dialogue with customers is required in order to supply products at a quality, service and innovation level which creates value for everyone. Vandemoortele's work is strongly based on close cooperative relationships with customers, as well as a profound understanding and active analysis of the most important consumer and food trends. 

Vandemoortele offers a wide range of frozen bread products, pastry, American products and patisserie. Panavi, a leading French bakery brand Vandemoortele has owned since 2008, obtains the certification of BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and that of HACCP for highest standard in food production. By increasing the efficient use of energy, water, food ingredients and packaging, they strive to minimise waste and emissions. This ensures clients the best food and service quality with Eco-Efficient production. Selling to professional users and retailers in 20 countries around the globe, Vandemoortele makes a considerable turnover of 625 million euros annually.

Vandemoortele frozen bakery items including croissants and Danish are widely favored. They are praised by clients for their buttery taste and easiness to bake. Ready-to-serve items such as donuts and muffins are also recommended for their attractiveness and convenience. All in all, Vandemoortele bakery products are well-balanced combinations of taste, variety, convenience, and health. (Souce from Vandemoortele)

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