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Fan Juice mother brand, NEW SEVEGEP, is a leading European manufacturer of fruit juices, canned fruits, concentrates and related by-products. The company was founded in 1972 in the form of an organized co-operative.

In the initial stages, the company was actively engaged in canning, and most of its products were sold domestically under its own brand name. Overseas clients, especially retail chains, appreciated the quality of NEW SEVEGEP's products and started placing orders under private labels. In order to meet the steady growth in demand, the company invested in advanced equipment. Having become well established internationally NEW SEVEGEP undertook a programme of expansion involving technological and quality improvement in every stage of production, from raw materials to finished products. As a result, in May 2005, the company achieved the HACCP (Food Safety Management), the most widely recognized international certificate.

Today NEW SEVEGEP produces and packs more than 30 juice varieties, under various brands. More than 80% of the total production is exported to various countries all over the world like Sweden, Norway, Japan, Denmark, Greece, Romania, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Angola, Pakistan and Afghanistan, just to name a few. Recognition of our top quality standards is the fact that in Philippines our brands have been granted the Excellence Award. In Sweden NEW SEVEGEP has the second largest market share.

NEW SEVEGEP can produce the highest quality of orange, grapefruit and lemon concentrates. The company's modern blending facilities can also process pineapple, apple and red grape concentrates... to name a few. All concentrates are homogenized and packed in stainless steel drums with double polyethylene inner bags, and stored at a temperature of -18°C. (Source from New Sevegep)