Aquatic & Agriculture(HK) Co., Ltd.


Soda Water (China) Co., Ltd is a Hong Kong and Taiwan-owned enterprise. The company production base is in Keshan Country, Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province. They supply natural soda mineral water. 

Soda Water (China) Co., Ltd is committed to providing one of the world's best drinking water for health needs. They find the rare cold mineral spring specially from Taiwan to Wudalianchi, hopes everyone can understand that "water is not only for quenching thirst". weak alkaline water and trace elements are more important for health. 

水之源(中國)有限公司為港澳臺獨資企業 ,公司 生產基地位於黑龍江省齊齊哈爾市克山縣大興安嶺,主要產品為天然蘇打礦泉水。

水之源(中國)有限公司,致力於為全球提供最符合健康需求的飲用礦泉水 ,特別從台灣遠赴五大連池採集珍稀冷礦泉。希望讓 大家了解喝水不僅是為了解渴,弱鹼性水質及水中富含的微量元素,更是對健康有著極大重要性